Testing your pool surface

Wet a rag with a strong solvent (Acetone, all purpose lacquer thinner, or an automotive thinner) and rub it on the surface. If the paint dissolves, softens, and becomes sticky, and turns back into something you think of as “wet paint”, the coating on the pool is likely to be a chlorinated rubber coating (single pack). If nothing much happens except you rub off some chalkiness, but the surface stays hard the coating is likely to be an epoxy (2pack).
  • Your pool surface may not have a coating at all. If the surface is a coloured render, you can treat it like an unpainted cement render pool.
  • A fibreglass pool will require a bit of thinking. It’s best to contact us directly for more specific advice.

If you are unsure about your particular situation please contact Macleod Paints.
Testing your pool surface

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