Shield Sealer Undercoat: opaque white water based primer coating

  • Shield Sealer/Undercoat is a premium, full-bodied, opaque white water-borne acrylic coating. It has excellent opacity, grain-filling, and sanding properties. It is fast-drying and has excellent recoatability.
  • Commonly used on bare timber, MDF, wallboards, custom woods plus cement sheeting. Can be used for interior and exterior plasterboard and timber, primed and unprimed. Also been applied to canvas for artistic purposes.
  • Can be tinted to pastel shades or monochromatic matches for topcoats.
  • Available in 10 litres, 4 Litres and 1 Litre.


  • Interior – Use directly over bare timber, or as a sealer on paper-faced wallboards, customwood, cement sheeting. Can be used over previously painted surfaces after some sanding.
  • Exterior – Can be used on primed or unprimed timber, or previously painted surfaces which have been abraded to provide a key.
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